Mobil 1 Service Centre Medway

MB of Medway are an official Mobil 1 Service Centre

MB of Medway are proud to be an official Mobil 1 Service Centre

Having teamed up with Wessex Petroleum group, MB of Medway is an approved Mobil Oil service centre. Which ensures that only the finest grade of oils and lubricants are used, specifically chosen for your vehicle type.

The specialized Mobil Oils that are used, range from semi-synthetic oils, commonly used on the early engines, through to the finest fully synthetic oils, found on the latest AMG engines and also the new low emission diesels.

As a Mobil 1 Service Centre we use Mobil™ products during our servicing and repairs, ensuring the highest possible standard of protection and performance for our customers vehicles.

Mobil 1 is the world's leading motor oil specifically developed to protect your engine against wear, corrosion and soot.

Mobil 1 Service Centres are now offering the Mobil Car Care range. The range comprises innovative products which have been scientifically developed to the highest industry standards. The Mobil Car Care range provides vehicles with the market leading protection consumers have come to expect from Mobil, the number one motor oil brand.