Mercedes Repairs

Undertaking all aspects of repair to a high-standard whilst maintaining your Mercedes warranty

At MB of Medway, all Mercedes, Brabus and AMG repairs are carried out in conjunction with or separate to the specialised servicing and diagnostic services we offer.

We undertake all aspects of repairs to the highest standards. A few of which being:

  • Air conditioning - From a small seal to the main compressor.
  • Brakes – From a simple pad change or a hand brake adjustment to a complete overhaul.
  • Exhausts – From minor welding to installing upgraded systems.
  • Suspension – From a small bush repair to an ABC hydraulic system repair.
  • Wheel Balancing – With a state of the art wheel balancing system, we can eliminate any steering vibrations or shudders at speeds, ensuring a smoother safer drive.
  • Air Bag Systems – From the simplest tasks of clearing old fault codes and extinguishing the air bag light, to replacing faulty components and wiring.
  • Convertible roofs – From fixing operational faults to resolving water ingress issues.

Mercedes Warranty

If your vehicle is under 3 years old, your Mercedes Warranty will be upheld and not impaired1, due to MB of Medway using genuine parts, approved oils and adhering to the manufactures guidelines.

Furthermore all our genuine parts come with a minimum 2 year warranty (Batteries come with 3 years) available direct through Mercedes-Benz.

1. Unfortunately MOBILO breakdown cover is offered through Main Dealer Servicing so may be adversely effected